Monday, April 8, 2013

Mantra 101

Friday, March 8, 2013

They Will Come

Nothing motivates me more than the anticipation of a visit with my girls!  Whether it be my daughters or grand-daughters, they truly put a pep-in-my-step and that's 'before' we even get together!  They are forged within the core of my being.  Family dynamics keep it interesting and geography can be a challenge but all things considered, visits with them are always cherished.

Given the nature of time (of which there never seems to be quite enough to go around) the curve in the grand scheme of things keeps me in their loop!  The enthusiasm in their bright shiny demeanor and curiosity brings a fresh perspective to life.  As a whole, they are quite a group!  And while they share a common denominator (me!) all their individuality shines through and I find it entertaining to watch them experience the world and develop their hopes and dreams.

The variety of their ages, the foot-path they have traveled and the challenges they encounter all bringing them to who they are and closer to who they will become is quite the journey!   As long as I am in that loop of theirs, I feel their enthusiasm, joy, sorrow and pain.  I share with them what I can, but mostly love them, fully.

So much goes on behind the days gone by, there is much for us to see.  I believe with all my heart, they are a truly the basis of my inspiration and the best of me I can be!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

It Takes A Village!

Yes, as a whole we are a proud people and know how to make lemon-aid.  We are a kind nation who graciously reaches out to help those struggling in trying times.  Many of us are all too familiar with the need of additional support to maintain our independence.  Whether it be a food pantry at your local church, a kindhearted soul with a few hours in your home or just the holding of a door for the person behind you, kindness comes in many fashions.  

All too often we fail to realize how our actions contribute to our society as a whole.  We get caught-up in our own lists of tasks for every day seems to get longer when in despair, for even just the simple things that life requires to function.

Our children are learning how to become individuals.  They practice what we show them in our 'ways'.  Our ideals, our goals, our reactions.  Our every behavior is being 'monitored' by them.  Cause and effect.  Oftentimes we find fault with what we don't understand, as will they, now.  The slightest slur that gets mangled in our frustration.  A gesture that may or may not even have been deserved.  As a whole we are united for the most part, but that is just logistics.  It is important to 'strive to try' to make the slightest difference in someone else's life.  

How many times have I heard or even said I wish I could help but don't know what I can do?  Or, how about the mention of, I would rather help someone in my own community, first.  The stronger we are as a unit the more independence we acquire.  Our confidence flourishes when we 'feel' the compassion of another.

Now just imagine.  You are young.  Have no means to acquire even the simplest of tools required to make it through the school year and you are loosing hope.  You feel frustrated, angry and yes, alone.  You begin to isolate or lash out.  You loose faith in the foundation our very culture is resting.  How many times must you endure what seems to be unrealistic and unmanageable?  

Perhaps we would love to contribute but history has 'ear-marked' some as untrustworthy.  I have had the pleasure of working alongside an organization that works solely to assist in building the strength and faith in our youngest.  Kids Support Network works year round to raise funds to give assistance and support to local disadvantaged families with children mostly by contacting the general public by phone but not limited to such.  Behind the scenes they support local organizations with charitable donations as well as raise funds for a Back to School Back-Pack campaign and Christmas for the Kids.

It is unfortunate that not all will understand the dynamics or the fundamentals required to keep such a program functioning.  While diligently striving to support those less fortunate, there will be some level of malice due to a misinformed populace.

Please note, this organization has many facets and avenues it travels to spread support throughout the community including local churches, DSS, schools & shelters and yes while collecting the communities donations they do willingly offer to pick up non-monetary contributions for disbursement at no cost to you.

FAI (Fraternal Aid) is simply for disbursement of funds.  To quote Wikipedia:  "A benefit society or mutual aid society is an organization, or voluntary association formed to provide mutual aid, benefit, or insurance for relief from sundry difficulties.

New technologies have provided yet more new opportunities for humanity to support itself through mutual aid. Recent authors have described the networked affiliations that produce collaborative projects. In modern Asia rotating credit associations organized within communities or workplaces were widespread through the early 20th century and continue in our time. Habitat for Humanity in the United States is a leading example of shared credit and labor pooled to help low-income people afford adequate housing.".

When choosing a charity it is best to consider the facts.  Over time Kids Support Network has grown in it’s outreach capabilities and will continue to support as many as it can.  All donations are 100% tax deductible, a receipt is given.  No collection of financial information is solicited and is actually discouraged.  

With the support of neighbors and community it is proven that when times are tough, Americans stick together.  

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